greenbox fully automated dispensary model

greenbox Robotics’ fully automated dispensary model is a wave of the future.  With machines lining the interior walls or setup as round-table stations across the floor, the possibilities for design are limitless.  Our cannabis robots can handle a customer’s purchasing experience from check-in to the final product delivered, in less than 2 minutes!

id verification + greenbox scanner tech

Our age verification system on the robot restricts patients that have never been to the dispensary before.  A customer must have an up-to-date patient profile in the dispensary’s POS.  For returning customers that already have their patient profile set up, their ID is scanned directly on the robot to start shopping.

Payment Processing Plate

payment processing

We have two options for payment processing, including accepting Cash and Debit card payments. Our cash acceptor functions as a low-maintenance register which only accepts cash and does not distribute change.

frequently asked questions

where can I place my robot for selling cannabis?

Cannabis Robots need to be placed inside a legal cannabis dispensary that is compliant with the home state’s rules and regulations.

does my robot require a budtender for transactions?

Not typically!  Your customers will want assistance during the learning process for how to use the robot, but we have found that after you show them once, they feel confident to use the robot on their own the next time!  In California, all of the products sold out of our robot are pre-wrapped in the compliant packaging, so as soon as your customer receives their products from the robot there is no additional exit packaging require to leave the dispensary.

how much product can my robot hold?

Your robot can typically hold 25-30 different SKUs depending on the size of the products packaging.