About Us

Bringing Cannabis into the digital age

Manufactured in the United States, greenbox is the first fully automated cannabis kiosk. From the moment we step out the door, our daily lives are simplified  by the wonders of modern day automation. Whether it’s pre-ordering your Starbucks on your phone, printing your plane ticket at an airport kiosk, or simply ordering your groceries online, automation is the grease that keeps this high-paced world spinning. So why should buying your cannabis and CBD be any different? greenbox Robotics has harnessed the most sophisticated automation technology to make your buying and selling experience fast, easy, and way ahead of its time

meet the team

Zack Johnson


Zack studied International Relations with a minor in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. In 2010, while still in college, Zack launched his first company, a record label. Six months after launching 1st Round Records, Johnson debut artist had the #1 album in the US & Australia. Zack had his first exit to Sony RCA in 2014. After transitioning out the music business, Zack launched an athletic apparel company that focused on innovative textiles. Zack negotiated a partnership to make energyDNA the official apparel partner of the FIA Formula E Championship racing series.

Prior to launching greenbox robotics, Zack was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at the fastest growing marketing firm in the United States, Hawke Media. While in the Hawke's nest Zack was the Chief Marketing Officer for five Los Angeles cannabis dispensaries, as well as a metal fabrication company that builds vending machines. The biggest pain point for each dispensary was not being able to service customers fast enough. This pain point, and the relationship with the metal fabrication company was the inspiration for greenbox.

Peter Boyle


Peter received his Mechanical Engineering degree with minors in Math and Physics from Rowan University. As a young boy, Peter earned the nick-name Macgyver because he could build and/or fix just about anything with or without a paperclip. For 20 years Peter has stayed the course and continues to create and develop products in a vast range of industries. Peter currently holds 3 patents and has another 3 patents pending. Peter is the Founder and CEO of Idea Lab in Bedford, NH. Idea Lab is an Engineering Consulting and Product Development company. Peter has invented a snowboard footrest for chairlifts, a “camera-less” photo booth, a medical device for orthoscopic surgery, functional jewelry, automated work cells, robotic end effectors and many others. Peter specializes in cost effective and creative solutions that aid inventors and companies to start or sometimes finish what they started.

When Peter isn’t working he is probably sleeping or thinking about ways to make the greenbox even cooler. Peter enjoys camping with his family, motocross, VW buses, mountain biking, tinkering and a hoppy IPA.

Ian Cathcart


Ian Cathcart studied Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing at San Jose State University. While in college, Ian worked with Zack as a Social Media manager and A&R rep for 1stRoundRecords. Ian transitioned from his position at 1stRound into a sales role at 1stRound Athletics, working closely with Zack to make the athletic apparel line the official partner of the FIA Formula E Championship racing series.

Ian then went on to work for Apple. Over a span of 4 years, Ian held multiple positions in sales, technical support and business development. Upon graduating, Ian worked at Stanford Athletics in the Marketing department before moving back to Los Angeles to work full-time at greenbox Robotics.

Ian has held positions at Charity Water since 2012 to help raise money to build wells in countries with water scarcity. His group has successfully organized for 3 wells to be build over the last 5 years.

Lauren Kulak


Lauren Kulak is focused on business strategy, equity financings, M&A transactions, and valuations. Her prior experience includes structuring and executing M&A transactions and capital raises for private companies. Kulak began her career in investment banking at Madison Williams and Wedbush Securities where her work involved the consumer retail and entertainment industries. Kulak received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting from DePaul University where she graduated with highest honors.

Brian Weinstein


Brian Weinstein is the president of Chapco, Inc, a product development and manufacturing company located in Chester, CT. He has been instrumental in transforming Chapco from a regional sheet metal job shop to an international, state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing company with significant capabilities relating to developing a product concept into a marketable entity. Chapco currently occupies 65,000sqft and has 75 employees.

Brian has extensive sales and manufacturing experience and helped launch and market a vast portfolio of innovative products with the commonality of a high concentration of sheet metal.

Denlar Fire Protection is the only fully integrated and pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system available. Launched in 2006, Denlar has saved property owners a considerable amount of money by providing an economical, fire suppression solution and mitigating property damage, but more importantly, saved lives.

Fastcorp Vending had been around for two decades prior to coming into the mix. Brian; however, led the charge of reengineering this machine and launching the world’s most versatile and reliable platform, transforming conventional vending into automated retail and robotic storefronts at an economical level even small brands can take advantage of.

Jesse Peterson


Jesse Peterson is an RN specializing in Neurology in New York City. Her interest in the Cannabis industry stem equally from an entrepreneurial and medical standpoint. As cannabis-based treatment options have expanded exponentially in recent years within the US medical field, particularly in neurology, Jesse has sought to expand her knowledge to meet the needs of this growing population. Jesse’s roles in greenbox range from business development to medical liaison. Jesse is also a certified yoga teacher and avid traveler.

Patrick Schlesselmann


Patrick Schlesselmann grew up in Goleta, California and was accepted into Chapman University in 2012 where he studied Graphic Design for 4 years to earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and graduated Cum Laude. During his time at Chapman Patrick mastered a catalog of design services and landed a position in the university’s marketing department as a marketing designer.

Post graduating, Patrick accepted a position at Hawke Media as a full time Graphic Designer / Front End Web Developer. In his time at Hawke Media Patrick was first introduced to the greenbox brand, creating the logo and brand guidelines, working with Fastcorp to create the first digital prototypes of the machine, and developing the greenbox website.

Patrick continues to work with greenbox and “Is excited to be working in such an untapped industry and create the standard for what cannabis can be in the digital age”.

Jesse Bern


Jesse grew up in Ventura County, CA and is a SoCal native. He got his start in digital marketing in 2016, after scoring top marks in an 8-week intensive training via DigitalMarketer.com’s Mastery Program.

Email marketing immediately captured his interest, and his first job at an agency (Flow Motion, in Ventura) gave him the opportunity to try it out. He managed a few clients, but was hungry for more…

And that’s when he moved to Hawke Media, where he’s been honing his email skills for dozens of clients, mostly in the e-commerce space.

His interest in greenbox and the underlying technology stems from his fascination about the medical benefits of cannabis – and he’s eager to spread that knowledge far and wide!