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greenbox Robotics has sparked the wellness movement within the Cannabis and CBD industries to make plant-based wellness products more accessible in locations that are convenient for you. We provide a consciously vetted menu, with high-quality products that do good for your body and help your immune system.

our desired effect collections help you find the right products to match your needs

Beauty and Pleasure, CBD Products, CBD Vending, Modern Wellness, CBD, Wellness Products
beauty & pleasure

Ready to spruce up your day? Beauty & Pleasure desired effect collection is the place to shop! Find products that will add a pep to your step and all-natural beauty products with organic ingredients.

Sleep Aid, CBD Products, Drift & Dream
drift & dream

For when you are ready to unplug for the day. Drift & Dream desired effect collection has a variety of products that will help you unwind and get a good night's sleep. The best part about our sleep aid products is waking up refreshed and well-rested the next day!

Relief & Recovery, CBD Products, Modern Wellness
relief & recovery

Looking to feel refreshed and help relieve tension on your body? The Relief & Recovery desired effect collection is the right category for you. Shop our favorites to help alleviate the wear and tear we put our bodies through.

Relaxation, CBD Products, Modern Wellness

Life is stressful, especially in this past year. In our Relaxation desired effect category, you will find the best products promoting relaxation of the mind and body.

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About our robot

greenbox is an interactive touch-screen operated vending machine designed to make your CBDΒ experience both easy and efficient. greenbox will recognize you as a new or returning customer creating an experience tailored to you. Look out for a greenbox at your local dispensary or CBD retailer!

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